Products and Services

We contract any insurance product that the market provides. We also design specific coverage for policies with special features due to volume or other reasons. Among the classes we currently have contracted are:

Civil liability

Exploitation, Private, Professional, Employer, Production, Environmental, Directors and Executives, Hunter, etc.

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Property damage insurance to businesses and individuals, assessed damages, damages due to burglary,etc.


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Hull Insurance, Goods, Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance, Pleasure Craft, etc.


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Multiple risk

Industry, Community Ownership, Shops, Home, etc.


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Construction (all risk, decadal), Machinery Breakdown, etc.


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Individual and Corporate Fleets.



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Individual, Collective, Retirement and Pension Plans, etc.



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Individual and Collective.



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Consulting and Contracting

We obtain for our clients the coverage that best suits their needs, after a thorough analysis of their risks.
We obtain their cover from leading companies, always looking for the best price.
We prepare insurance programs for businesses and individuals anywhere in Spain.

Management policies and claims

Our work extends beyond the simple contract: we handle the management of the various policies during its term, analyzing and reviewing changes in risks, requesting the issuance of supplements or certificates, etc..
We defend and advise the insured in any claim or dispute with the insurer or its experts to obtain the best compensation as swiftly as possible.

We provide you with thebest pricesin the market